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Sunday Roasts
Served Sundays all day 12-8pm
Soup of the day / toasted sourdough (v) £6.00
Salt & pepper squid / aioli / lime £7.95
Goat’s cheese – walnut / quince / golden raisins / celery £8.50
All roasts are served with roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding & seasonal vegetables
Sirloin of beef £17.50
Chicken breast / pork stuffing / bread sauce £16.50
Belly of pork / apple sauce £16.50
Chequers’ nut roast (v) £15.50
Sharing Roast (for 2)
Served with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, seasonal vegetables and red wine gravy
West Country lamb – rack (served rare) / Shepherds Pie / confit belly  £42.50
Selection of our pub classics also available
Apple & blackberry crumble- crème anglaise £6.50
Warm chocolate brownie – white chocolate sauce / vanilla ice-cream £6.50
Peanut – Semi-freddo / cookie / plum £7.50
Ice-cream & sorbets – 3 scoops from a selection £4.95
Cheeses – grapes / chutney / crackers £8.50