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Mon-Sat Lunch


2/3 courses £16 / £19.50

* menu changes daily

Salmon – Gravadlax / beetroot / horseradish / pink grapefruit
Pork – rillettes / pickled onion / toast
Goats cheese – Waldorf / quince / walnut / golden raisin / celery
Hake – Leek / celery / noilly prat velouté
Beef – Skirt / green beans / fries / sauce choron
Gnocchi – Roscoff onion / purple sprouting broccoli / feta / sauce soubise
Peanut – semi-freddo / cookie / plum
Carrot cake – Orange frosting / cardamom ice cream
Cheese (£3 supplement) – apple chutney / pickled grapes / crackers
 “Chequers’ Classics” Menu also available Mon-Sat lunch and dinner