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Mackerel – Romanesco / hazelnut / rapeseed / lemon / cous cous £9.00
Duck – Terrine / 5 spice / apricot / almond / toast £9.50
Goats cheese – Waldorf / quince / walnut / golden raisin / celery £8.50
Salmon- Gravadlax / beetroot / horseradish / pink grapefruit £9.50
Venison – Haunch / celeriac / plum / pomme mousseline / juniper jus £22.50
Monkfish – Parsnip / bok choi / ginger / chicken & vanilla jus £24.00
Pork – Loin / belly / cheek / kimchi / spring roll / broccoli / masterstock £22.50
Stonebass – Clams / Leek / celery / lemon / noily prat veloute £23.00
Gnocchi – Roscoff onion / purple sprouting broccoli / feta / sauce soubise £17.50
Chequers’ Classics
Pork rillettes – pickles / toast £7.00
Salt & pepper squid – aioli / dressed leaves £7.95
Soup of the day –  homemade bread (v) £6.00
Beer-battered haddock – chips /  crushed minted peas /  tartare sauce £14.50
Homemade beef burger – coleslaw / chorizo jam / fries (Add cheese and/or bacon – £1/ea) £14.00
Tagliatelle – tomato / garlic / parmesan (v) £14.00
35 day, dry aged 8oz sirloin steak – triple cooked chips / carrot, broccoli / grelot onion £24.50
Carrot cake – Orange frosting / cardamom ice cream £8.50
Peanut butter – semi-freddo / cookie / peach £8.50
White chocolate – Panna cotta / pear / coconut / star anise £7.50
Ice-creams & sorbets – 3 scoops £4.95
Cheese – chutney / grapes / crackers £9.50